Tacacs+ Server Setting, Admin Setting?

  • 8 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 17 2013 1:53PM


we have a X670-48x with version in the field.
We made our Authentication whit a tacacs-server, the settings a work fine.
But when we logged in the switch we dont have admin rights,
what we need for variabels send from the tacacs-server to the switch to give the
users admin rights. Or give it any other way to make the tacacs-user to an admin after there
is logged into the switch?

best regards
mp (from mp)

3 replies

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Create Date: Apr 18 2013 1:21PM

No one any idea? (from mp)
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Create Date: Apr 29 2013 4:03PM

We have found the answer.

Give the Tacacs-User on the Tacacs-Server privileg 15, thats it.
Now all User from Tacacs-Server are Admins.

Now i have a new Problem, we want to create a single User (admin) were ist not authenticate over Tacacs, is this possible?

At the moment we can create a User on the switch but this users are not working so long the Tacacs is enable!?

best regards
mp (from mp)
I am using TACACS+ Server for Windows by TACACS.net on the Extreme EXOS (BlackDiamond or 440 series switches). I was able to to get my server and switch to authenticate and when log in come up in enable mode.

Remember on the authoriztion.xml to add the follow:


priv-lvl=15 <------------- this is what allows it to log in with enable.