tagged packets on untagged port

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Create Date: Oct 29 2013 11:39AM


I have created a vlan which servers as master vlan for ESRP, let's call it esrpmaster. I have added ports to this vlan tagged that work fine and one untagged port, and assigned an ip address to the vlan.

I am unable to ping upstream extreme switch connected to the untagged port. Mirroring the port and running wireshark releveals that while the other side sends me untagged packets, I send them tagged packets, even though I have added the port to erpmaster vlan as untagged.

I am confused why this is happening. Anyone got a clue? All switches involved are x670v, and I am running

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Dimitris (from dzila)

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Create Date: Oct 29 2013 2:05PM

Do you mean by master vlan, control vlan? If yes, all ports added to this vlan must be tagged. One of the ESRP (or EAPS) rules. (from LNU)
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Create Date: Oct 29 2013 4:42PM

Thank you for your reply,

No, I mean master vlan, control vlan is for EAPS which I do not use... (from dzila)
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Create Date: Oct 29 2013 5:00PM

Found my answer in the documentation:

'Egress mirrored traffic always egresses the monitor port tagged'

So that was a red herring. I have no idea why the switches cannot ping each other now.
(from dzila)