Take a "snapshot" of the configuration before major change

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Hi everyone!

I have recently started working with Extreme moving from HP/Cisco which we still use.

With Nexus I can checkpoint the configuration of the switch before a major change and possibly tell the switch that I lock myself out to apply the old configuration after a certain amount of time. This is a very important feature for us as often we work with devices very far away.

I have tried to look into the forum and documentation but I could not find a way to do this:

- take a snapshot/checkpoint of the config and tell the switch to apply the old config unless I do something (i.e. with Cisco before major change I schedule a restart in 10 minutes. I change the configuration, if that locks me out for some reason the device reboots with the old config

I am sure this is a common requirement and wondering if you had experience with this.

thanks heaps,


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I believe it works the same way on EXOS. Schedule the reset and do not save the config. If you cut yourself the reset is performed with the last saved config.
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Hey Nick

There is a script that was written that allows for us to implement a roll back feature where the config will not take affect until you do a save. It is a simple thing to implement and when I find it I will post a link to it.

Another thing that customers have used in the past is to use a script to use the old config and set a reboot timer. The way it works if you are making a change remotely and you lock yourself out the script will load the old config and automatically reboot to get you back in business. I have seen this used mainly during code upgrades or major config changes during a cutover where the customer doesn't want to drive to a far distance.

Let me see if I can find that script and will post it tomorrow.

Hope that helps
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I am totally impressed by how quick you responded! This is an awesome community! No rush and thanks.
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Not sure if you use Splunk, but here's a link to the EXOS Splunk App: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1780/

It will collect snapshots of your config too and works great in a multi-vendor network.

I know you're looking for slightly different solution here, but since Zdenek and Paul have you covered, thought I'd mention as additional information since you were new to Extreme.

Welcome by the way. Really glad to have you join our community. You'll find lots of purple passion here and fast answers.

GTAC Knowledge (our KB) is also a great resource that we publish new content to everyday -- https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com.
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Hello Nick

Sorry for the delay in getting this updated but I wanted to test it as it has been a while. One thing to note is that any script that is shared on this site is a best effort as is functionality meaning that is not supported and you should absolutely test it before using it on any production equipment. Essentially I don't want to be blamed or have Extreme blamed if something happens 🙂

With that said these scripts should not negatively affect your switch but if they act up they may not revert back the config. I have not tested them with all of the features that we have.

The scripts are at this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sdf5gnlcrveeq3o/AADwZrNoBlG9cX3ssQfd0C6ia?dl=0

They are in a zip file and there are 4 of them. Unzip the file and tftp them to the switch using the command tftp -v vr-d -g -r

once all four are on the switch load them using the command load script