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TFTP between two extreme XOS switch


We have two NWIE cards with ExtremeXOS version , on one of the switches ssh module is not loaded, we need to copy SSH module .xmod file from switch A to switch B, however when i tried via intercon I am getting error as follows:

#download image "switch A IP add" nwi- vr "VR-Default" secondary
Do you want to install image after downloading? (y - yes, n - no, - cancel) Yes

Downloading to SwitchError: Failed to download image - tftp: timeout

I dont see any config under TFTP

Can anyone help?

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Hi Rdmit,
Once xmods and xos files are installed, they are unpacked and deleted. It isn't possible to copy the files between switches like this. You'll need a fresh copy of the file.
Thanks Drew... Really appreciate your swift response on this 🙂
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Also, to add on to what Drew said, EXOS only runs a TFTP client, not a server.

So even if there was a file to download (for example, grabbing a .xsf script file with 'tftp get ...'), you would not be able to copy it from another switch.