The processing of Jumbo frame and L2 forwarding


Please let me know about the processing of Jumbo frame.
I think that the EXOS switch is dropped the jumbo frame, when EXOS switch receive the jumbo frame(larger than 1522 bytes) on condition that disabling is jumbo-frame function.
(This communication is Layer 2.)

Is my understanding of this correct?

What is the condition for Rx-Over to count up?
I understand that Rx-Over is outputting on show ports rx-error when jumbo frame is received.

Is Rx-Over outputting even if jumbo frame function is enabled?

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Hi Yuki

I hope you already had an answer for this one but still here is it.

Yes the packets will be dropped if Jumbo frames are disabled in the switc
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As Karthik said, when Jumbo frame is received in a Jumbo-disabled port, EXOS will drop the packet. However, when we receive a Jumbo frame and it has to egress out of a Jumbo disabled port, EXOS will fragment the packet and send it out.