translate untagged vlan on cep-port


I configured a cep-port for terminating a vman on a customer switch. The traffic from the customer comes unttaged and should run into vlan100 into the vman. Therefore I've done the following:

configure vman vman1 add ports 6 untagged port-cvid 100[/code]
The above command works fine. But I'm searching for a solution like that:

configure vman vman1 add ports 8 cep cvid 1 translate 100[/code]
Is this the right way?


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Hey Benjamin

Can you give a little more detail? What is the end objective to just tunnel the customer VLAN over the network in a VMAN with at tag of 100 or you want to translate all of the packets from customer side A to be a tag of 100 on customer side B?


Hello Paul,

I will have a scenario like displayed. On one cep-Port I have untagged traffic for one vman und tagged traffic for another vman. I thought I can do that with the following command:

configure vman vman1 add ports 8 cep cvid 1 translate 100[/code]configure vman vman2 add ports 8 cep cvid 200[/code]
But that does not work for cvid1. The command

configure vman vman1 add ports 6 untagged port-cvid 100[/code]
worked fine for that but then I was not able to use this port 8 as cep-port.

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Hello Benjamin

I am not an expert on setting up what I consider complicated PBN network where we are using translation and CEP ports but let me give some of my thoughts.

The cirst command you entered
configure vman vman1 add ports 6 untagged port-cvid 100 takes the untagged
traffic coming in on a port and gives it a CVID tag of 100

the other command
configure vman vman1 add ports 8 cep cvid 1 translate 100 takes traffic from a
customer VLAN of 1 and sends it into a VMAN using tag 100. It allows for a CEP
port to take different customer VLANs and map them into a VMAN.
I don't think you can translate untagged traffic into a VMAN on a CEP port. It looks like what you want to do is take the port going to the PC (Assuming customer network) and send out the untagged traffic as VLAN 100 and other tagged traffic as VLAN tag 200. Since we want to strip of the VMAN tag that port would need to be added to both VMANs as untagged and that can't be done.

Does that make sense? If the traffic ingressing the PC port is all tagged then we can map those VLANs into different VMANs.

Unfortunately I do not have a switch to test but I will see if I can get some confirmation from some internal resources.

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What you are trying to accomplish requires that the port be simultaneously configured as CNP (Customer Network Port) and CEP (Customer Edge Port).

A CNP will accept tagged and untagged packets (usually from a single customer) and send them to a single VMAN.

A CEP will send tagged packets to different VMANs based on the packet's CVID (Customer VLAN ID).

You can combine both types of behavior in a single port. Check Configuring VMANs (PBNs) section in EXOS User's Guide for details.

First configure the port as CNP (an untagged VMAN port)
configure vman vman-name add ports [ all | port_list ] untagged[/code]Any traffic reaching that port will be sent to the VMAN configured for the port.

Then, configure the port as a CEP to map traffic with certain CVIDs to different VMANs.
configure vman vman_name add ports port_list cep cvid cvid_first {- cvid_last} {translate cvid_first_xlate {- cvid_last_xlate}}[/code]Make sure you include the vman keyword in the command. I've seen the command fail if you omit it (configure vm15 add ports 15 cep cvid 10 - 15 will fail, but configure vman vm15 add ports 15 cep cvid 10 - 15 will not...)
Hello Daniel,

thank you for your answear. I have already seen the error with the vman keyword;-))

With your informations I have a deeper understanding of the cep configuration and I will find a configuration that is suitable for me.