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Trouble Creating port mirror on Extreme Summit x440 Switch

I'm having trouble with the CLI on my switch. When I try to configure my port mirror I receive the error invalid slot number detected at marker. I know the port I need to mirror is on slot1 of the stack but anyway I input the slot number it gives me the same error. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Command I'm trying: configure mirror DES add port 25 slot-1 ingress-and-egress

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configure mirror add port 1:24??
Hello, I'll give it a try. Does 1 represent destination or port to be mirrored?
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As David mentioned you want to use the command below:

configure mirror DES add port 1:25 ingress-and-egress

The slot number goes in before the colon of each individual port when stacking is used.
Thanks David. That did the trick. I really appreciate the assistance!