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  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jan 11 2013 11:39AM

I am seeing some problems on one switch in one stack.The symptoms were first noticed as PXE booting to SCCM painfully slow.The switch is reporting receive errors on this port.The device is swapped to another switch in the stack with identical cabling and the device works fine. Another device was displaying limited connectivity in windows, again swapped to a different switch in the same stack with the same cabling and it works fine.A few problems all on the same switch. Contact TAC or are there some steps or guide i should look through first to save wasting their time, (from conrad_jones)

2 replies

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Create Date: Jan 12 2013 5:13PM

Which version are you running?Are the box that you are PXE booting from in the same stack-member as the other devices after you switched their ports?I know that it's a bug with multicast in a EXOS release when running multicast between members in a stack. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)
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Create Date: Jan 14 2013 10:45AM

its patch1-6the problem is not just PXE booting, it effects everything on those points, no connectivity at all. Power cycle and the switch works fine again for a day and then its back (from conrad_jones)