trunking black diamond 8810 and cisco 3750

hii techies... i have one black diamond 8810.. i wanna do trunking with cisco 3750 . please help. As in cisco i can juz creat a trunk port and give it a mgmt ip. viz switchport mode trun and switch trunk native vlan 100 and will give a ip to interface vlan 100 but how to creat such on the black not free hand on this

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create vlan XXX tag 100
configure vlan XXX ipaddress
configure vlan XXX add port YY tagged

You mean this?
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When you create a Trunk port on a Cisco device, that port is assigned every tag in the VLAN spectrum 1-4096 (if I'm not mistaken), allowing every configured VLAN on that device to send traffic across that Trunk .

XOS follows a more fine tuned approach: If you assign a single port multiple 802.1Q tags, it becomes a trunk port for only those two VLANs. And as your network grows, you can assign more VLAN tags to that port allowing it to ONLY send traffic from sanctioned VLANs. In terms of how to implement this, AlexandrP has outlined this in the comment above. I hope this helps