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Two offices setup with the same configs, but different hardware and XOS versions, but WOL won't work on the newer equipment

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We have one site with the following configs:

Location A
Core switch (Summit x450a running XOS that is connected to a desktop stack (Summit x440 running XOS

Location B
Core switch (Summit x460-G2 running XOS patch 1-2) that is connected to a desktop stack (Summit X440G2 running XOS patch 1-2)

In both sites, there is a Utility VLAN (where the server sending out the WOL packet on UDP 4000 is located) and a Desktop VLAN.

In both sites, IP forwarding is enabled on both VLANs on the core switches and the desktop switches.

In both sites "enable ipforwarding broadcast" is set on the core switches for each VLAN.

When I run WireShark in both locations, I see virtually the same behavior.

1) The server sending out the WOL packet sends it to the broadcast address of the Desktop VLAN
2) Then from a system in the Desktop VLAN running WireShark, I see the switch do an ARP Broadcast (ExtremeN_36:94:98 "Who has Tell").

In the location with the older equipment, there is a WOL packet sent to the broadcast address of the Desktops VLAN a few miliseconds later which wakes the system. However in the new location with the X460, X440, and XOS 22.4, I never see the WOL packet sent and the systems never wake up. Is there some other change that we need to make in order to get this to work that we for some reason did not have to make with earlier versions of XOS/hardware?

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Hi Stephen,

Check out this article and please edit it for the proper port number and vlan names.


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That works, but my question is when did that become a requirement? In the one site with the x450 and x440s running EXOS 15.x and 16.x, we do not have to set up that configuration.