Two untagged vlans on same switchport

Hi, if you use a phone and a pc (behind the phone) on the same switchport, normaly you use an untagged vlan for the pc and an untagged for the phone on the switchport. In a labor enviroment we testet this construct with two different (one vlan for office and one for voip) untagged vlans. For the testing we used netlogin (nac) on the switch (x440, version with mac-based-vlans on the switchport. Is this a recomended, supported constelation?

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MAC based VLAN is exactly implemented for this kind of usecase. Yes, this is supported.
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and works well 🙂
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Hi marco

Kindly add one good article about what mac based vlan is.

What is MAC based VLANs and port based VLANs?