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unable to download new XOS to switch via tftp

  • 7 January 2014
  • 2 replies

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Create Date: May 17 2013 7:02PM

im configured well enough to ping successfully both directions, so I assume networking is ok (ip on vlan, static ip on laptop, directly connected) sh ip route sees the laptop ip as D and a metric of 1, able to ping just fine, in fact, I can telnet just fine, but when I do a

download image XOSimagename.xos I get slot-2:upgrade failed, script: download failed. Error: failed to download image - tftp: sendto: network is unreachable.

thats not true, even the switch knows that. im new to extreme, so hopefully I just flubbed the command.

Thoughts? (from nrg2brn)

2 replies

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Create Date: May 17 2013 7:20PM

you need to add the VR to the command (the default is vr-mgmt, which you're probably not using for this.) it's also best practice to add the image slot you're installing to (primary or secondary) so it would go like so:

download image XOSimagename.xos vr VR-Default {primary | secondary}
(from Ansley_Barnes)
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Create Date: May 17 2013 7:35PM

I still forget to specify it every time!

I think they probably default to vr-mgmt because the out of band management ports (from Conrad_Jones)