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Unable to sign in to GUI on Extreme X440-48

I have a X440-48p that is using ExtremeXOS. I am no longer able to sign in to the GUI interface. I get "Login Failed: Request timeout" - I can sign into the CLI. I was able to sign into the GUI yesterday. I had tried to save the config this morning, and it seemed to lock (or I didn't wait long enough?). Is there a way to get the GUI working again without rebooting. I would prefer to not have to reboot it and kick all users off. Thanks

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Hello Chris,

Can you take a look at the "top" output and maybe paste in the results? There might be a process hung up and that is why CLI is working but Web is not. Also, what version of software is running on this switch.
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Check whether web is enabled with "show managment" - there should be a line with "web access"

You'd also try to disable/enable it.
disable web http
enable web http