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Unable to use config files that imported from TFTP

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Create Date: Oct 18 2012 2:37AM

Hi Guys,

Could you help to address this quick one?

SWITCH1.20 # tftp get vr vr-d SWITCH1
Downloading SWITCH1 to switch... done!
Rename file SWITCH1 to file SWITCH1.cfg on switch? (y/N) Yes
SWITCH1.22 #
SWITCH1.22 # use configuration SWITCH1
%% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

SWITCH1.23 #
SWITCH1.23 #

Ben (from Benny_Sumardy)

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Create Date: Oct 18 2012 4:20PM

Hey Ben

Can you tell me what format the original switch1 file is in? If it is a text file then this will not work as the cfg file is xml. you can use the file to configure it although you need to load it as a script. So if the file is a txt file rename it as switch1.xsf then use the command load script switch1

Let us know.

P (from Paul_Russo)