Unconfigure EAPS - Step by step

Hi everybody,

I need delete all EAPS configuration, please confirm:

disable "Eaps_name_1"

unconfigure "Eaps_name_1" primary port

unconfigure "Eaps_name_1" secondary port

delete "Eaps_name_1"

that's right??

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Oscar,

I believe you can just skip to delete the EAPS name but doing it this way wont hurt anything.
it's necessary delete vlan port member?
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You should be able to delete the EAPS name and it will remove all other configuration. This can be verified by attempting that command and then running "show config eaps"
Ok Patrick thanks a lot!
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Just make sure, before deleting EAPS, that the ring is open, or you'll generate a nice loop in your network!

If you are not sure of the cabling status, disable the secondary port in the Master switch (which is what the EAPS master normally does...)