Unexpected General Exception

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Hi everyone!

Recently, one of ours Summit X450 of my network stopped working suddenly.

Checking booting messages, I got some errors like this:

PANIC! Unexpected General exception!

PANIC! Unexpected General exception!

Has anyone ever experienced this ?
We need to recover the cfg file, since we haven't backup the configuration.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

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You open a case with our TAC to get a new 450 in exchange for the defective one, but I doubt that you can recover the config of the switch.
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These messages seems to be a hardware failure, we could try booting the switch from an alternate partition and see if it helps.

Please click on the below mentioned Article to see the steps for booting the switch from an alternate partition:-


In case, if its not helping you to recover the switch, we would need to RMA the switch. Open a case with our TAC team along with the session logs.

Note:- I don't think, we would be able to recover the switch configuration. The above article only helps you to recover the switch. In case, if you have an old show tech or a working configuration file, we could copy paste the configuration to the switch, once it is recovered.