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Universal Port

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Create Date: Feb 20 2013 9:30PM

Hi Guys,

wondering if you guys could help me writing a script(universal port)? I would like our summit 460 poe witches to stop inline power to all the poe devices at 7pm and back on at 6am?

your help will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Qasim (from qasim_khan)

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Create Date: Feb 21 2013 12:15PM

Hi Qasim,

look at this post:


create upm profile powerOff
disable inl-pow por 1

create upm profile powerOn
enable inl-pow por 1

create upm timer powerOff_timer
configure upm timer powerOff_timer profile powerOff
configure upm timer powerOff_timer at 02 21 2013 19 00 00 every 86400

create upm timer powerOn_timer
configure upm timer powerOn_timer profile powerOn
configure upm timer powerOn_timer at 02 22 2013 6 00 00 every 86400

(from matthias_mager)