Update firmware issue X440G2

I downloaded the newest firmware image that is "recommended" for this switch which is

When I attempt to upload the firmware via tftp it connects fine and tries to start pulling the file but then I get an error.

Downloading to switch..Error:Failed to download image - Error: FILE IS NOT PROPERLY FORMATTED.

Well, the file is I did download it originally from the extreme site as ".txt" and I just renamed its extension. Was that not correct to do? It won't upload as .txt as it doesn't see it as proper image.

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Hello Derek,

That file has MIB in it. Not sure how it ended up with a .xos at the end but there should be another file to download that comes with .xos.
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Hi Derek, The MIB file is meant to be a text file - it's the MIB for use in an NMS. You need the actual
file to install it.
I'd suggest getting patch1-7 instead. The recommended releases document isn't updated to show it yet. patch1-11 should be out soon too.
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Hello Derek,

The file you downloaded was the MIB file for that version of EXOS. It does not contain the image of the firmware.

The file you want to download is summitX- . It will have the ".xos" extension originally.


Tyler Edwards
Thanks guys. I got the patch 1-7 installed now and working fine.
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Derek Mayberry wrote:

Thanks guys. I got the patch 1-7 installed now and working fine.

Welcome to The Hub, Derek! Glad we could help.