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Hi everybody) can you please answer a question. I am not a regular user of these devices, but I need to know how to make latest update for them, I bought G48Tc 41517 Black Diamond 8800 48-Port on ebay, should I pay for any licenses for updates, or i just connect it and it updates automatically? Does my location matter, because I am writing from Republic of Kazahstan?


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Hi Zhantuar, Welcome to The Hub!
The 8800 module you purchased will automatically load the software from the chassis. There is no separate file for the G48Tc that you need to load. It will also share the same license as the chassis.
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Also want to add this... do a run diagnostics extended on that blade after it is upgraded and running. This should not affect any services other than a bit of a load on the cpu's in your management card. This will show you if the card has any hardware issues.

Also be aware that putting a "C" card in a newer chassis when either carrier cards or msm-128 cards will downgrade the performance capabilities of the whole chassis to that older card.. If you have like or older cards already then ignore this part 🙂
Thank you I hope everything will work out well ))
Zhantuar Gabdullayev wrote:

Thank you I hope everything will work out well ))

Hi Zhantuar,

Glad to start contact with you!
I am responsible for Extreme sales in Kazakhstan.
Could you please send serial number of your line card, so we could check current status.

Thanks in advance,
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Zhantuar Gabdullayev wrote:

Thank you I hope everything will work out well ))

Hi Vyacheslav, I'll send you Zhantuar's email address so that you two can connect.
SKB-BD8806.1 # sh slot
Slots Type Configured State Ports Flags
Slot-1 10G4Xc 10G4Xc Operational 4 MB
Slot-2 G48Tc G48Tc Operational 48 MB
Slot-3 10G1Xc 10G1Xc Operational 1 MB
Slot-4 G8Xc G8Xc Operational 8 MB
Slot-5 Empty 0
Slot-6 10G8Xc 10G8Xc Operational 8 MB
MSM-A MSM-48c Operational 0