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Upgrade bootrom on module in BD8810

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I installed a new module in our BD8810 this morning and it logged "HAL.Card: MSM-A: Slot 4 bootrom is out of date, do 'install firmware' to install"

Can I run install firmware and it will update the bootrom on only this module and not affect anything else since they are all at already? I can then reboot Slot 4 so it comes up on the new bootrom? This is a core switch and I cannot take it down.


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Hi DH,

Yes. I believe when you execute the "install firmware" command, it will check if the BootROM version on any other IO module, MSM, etc.. need updating as well, and will let you know if that is the case. You have the option to select/specify which one(s) you would like to update. As you know updating the BootROM on Slot 4 will require a reboot of the module. You can use the "disable slot 4", "enable slot 4" to reboot the I/O module in question.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Thank you.

Best regards,
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HI Andrew,

Great, thanks for the reply and verifying what I was thinking.

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When I run the install firmware it says the firmware versions are current but I can see that slot 4 is still at

What if I run install firmware force, will that force it to upgrade?
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'force' option installs the new firmware without a version check. Please see the command details with example output for BD platforms.

if you are still seeing the log message about slot 4 image being out-of-date even after running the 'install firmware' command, then 'force' option can be used.

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Did you get it upgraded?