Upgrade firmware on EAPS Master

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I need to upgrade the firmware on my EAPS Master which is a stack of 2 - X450-G2-48p's. When I reboot the stack how will the ring be affected? Should I remove the uplinks from the switches prior too, do the upgrade and reboot off network then plug it back into the network?

Just curious how the ring will behave when the Master goes down.

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You can just upgrade the stack. The other ringswitches won't be affected. They just don't see the hellos from the master anymore and may go into a ring failed state. But this has no effect on the data forwarding. As the master owns the blocked port, there will also be no flush fdb. Obviously anything connected to the master driectly will loose connection.
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I was able to update the firmware as you stated and all worked great. Thanks for the advice!
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You're welcome! 🙂