Upgrade Firmware via USB Error: Image signature cannot be validated

Trying to upgrade the firmware on a X670-G2 switch by using the USB port. I tried a couple different USB sticks, formatted FAT and FAT32. The command:
show memorycard[/code]shows the flash drive is indeed present. Running the command:
download image memorycard [/code]according to this GTAC article: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-upgrade-EXOS-from-a-USB-flash-drive

...results in the error: Error: "Failed to download image - Image signature cannot be
validated." I know this file works, I just used it on other summit switches to upgrade via TFTP. What could be the issue via USB?

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After hunting around for any and all flash drives, we finally found one that worked. It seems these switches have expensive tastes when it comes to flash drives.

So if your switch can see a memorycard present but is giving you an error, you may need to grab a better flash drive.