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I have a switch X440-48P running on image ver on both Primary and Secondary and the use image was on Primary.

I have perform a firmware upgrade on the Secondary to image ver and when the installation completed I selected use image Secondary and reboot the switch.

However, the LAN connection that was connected to this switch did not went up when the switch is up.

But when I selected back to the Primary and reboot the connection came back up.

Could you kindly advice what could be the problem?

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Hi Wee,

Is this switch under stack ?

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Hello Wee,

we need to do live troubleshooting in these cases.
What is the 15.3.14 patch u have in secondary partition.

Is it the latest patch.

You might be hitting known issues.

Parthiban Chinnaya
The switch is not under stack at this moment but eventually it will. This is the reason that i'm upgrading the firmware as i have a new switch that both Primary and Secondary parition is running on Patch 1-19
As the new switch is running on image ver Patch 1-19. I have downloaded the same image and installed into the existing switch in prepare for stacking.
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can you provide access to the switch?

Then we have to upgrade the exos to and follow easy setup.
just like new installation of stack.
Yes. How can we have a remote session?
Can we have a teamview session in 10 mins time? Do kindly provide me your email address so that i can send you the code. Thanks!
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Hi Wee,

I would suggest you to contact GTAC for further assistance on this issue.