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URPF access-list usage

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 1 2013 8:25PM

I was wondering how the "urpf" keyword in the access-list syntax functioned - it would be a useful network hardening tool for me if I could filter out packets that didn't pass urpf at my network perimeter (as well as within certain networks inside) but it's a bit unclear how the urpf keyword works, what platforms it's available on, etc. I see it under "check policy attribute urpf" but the documentation has 0 mentions of it, so how would one go about writing an ACL using it? Extreme-specific definitions of the skip/loose/strict keywords would also be helpful. If there's another document with this info someone could point me to, that would also be super-helpful. Thanks! (from Ansley_Barnes)

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