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Use of OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 External and Inter-area Filters

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The EXOS engineering team wants to get feedback from the community while considering a change in the way OSPF external and inter-area LSA filtering is handled.

Currently, when you configure filtering with the
configure ospfv3 area [area_id] external-filter
configure ospfv3 area [area_id] interarea-filter
commands, EXOS sends "Max Age" LSAs into the specified area to quickly withdraw the routes from neighboring routers. The proposed change will bring filter behavior closer to OSPFv3 RFC by not sending LSAs with "Max Age," but rather by allowing them to expire normally, which could take anywhere between 0 and 60 minutes. Of course, the filtering remains in place after routes have expired.

The question to you - how important is it that the filter takes effect immediately? Do you see frequent use of this OSPF filtering "sub-feature" such that changing the existing behavior would cause a problem?


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Bumping this back to the top once more for visibility...