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Used x450e

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We have a limited budget available and I need 48 port Gigabit PoE switches and these look really good, but I'm concerned that they are discontinued.

I want to know if they are still supported by technical support. Also, are the firmware updates still being released for this product? I'm also interested in stacking these switches and want to make sure that I get the correct license for them if I decide to purchase.

Thanks for you and help or guidance you can provide.

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I think I found the answer to a couple of my questions. Looks like the x450e are end of sale but not support. So I can get updates and technical support. - http://extrcdn.extremenetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Product_EOSL_Published_Report.pdf Is this correct?
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The X450e is EOS and code and features are capped at XOS 15.3 but you can still receive patches, I would call TAC or if you have a local sales team for more information on support costs.
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Thanks for the comment Bill. I contacted TAC and they confirmed that I would receive updates and support on these.