Using ScreenPlay with HTTPS

I can only access a switch using ScreenPlay if I have HTTP enabled on the switch. If I disable HTTP, but keep HTTPS enabled, ScreenPlay does not work. Due to security reasons we disable HTTP access to all our networking devices - which is standard practice.

Is there a way to have ScreenPlay access a switch (BD8810 or Summit 670) using HTTPS?

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You can access the device using Screenplay via HTTPS. You must first have SSH installed and enabled on the device. Then you must either generate an SSL key or provide a pre-generated SSL key on the device. The last step is to enable HTTPS on the device and you should now be able to use Screenplay via HTTPS.
Hi LeVar - SSH is installed and enabled and the SSL key has been generated. Also, I've enabled web https. Here is some output of 'show management', 'show ssl' and 'show config | i web': * Eng_lab_8810A.6 # sh management - - SSH access : Enabled (Key valid, tcp port 22 vr VR-Default) : Access Profile : not set Web access : Enabled (tcp port 80) : Access Profile : not set - - (Interesting that 'web access' doesn't show tcp port 443 as enabled although https is enabled as seen from the output of 'show config | i web' below. With HTTPS enabled should it show up in the output of 'show management'?) * Eng_lab_8810A.5 # sh ssl detail HTTPS Port Number: 443 (Enabled) Private Key matches the Certificate's public key. RSA Key Length: 1024 Certificate: Data: Version: 3 (0x2) Serial Number: 0 (0x0) - - Eng_lab_8810A.2 # sh config | i web enable web http enable web https Eng_lab_8810A.3 # A wireshark trace shows that when I try to https (443) to the box, my client sends the initial SYN packet and gets an immediate RST from the box. This happens three times and then the browser complains that it can't connect. I'lve uploaded a.jpg image showing the wireshark capture. Any other ideas? Thanks.