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V160 Stacking - 2 x x670v-48x

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 25 2013 3:56PM

Hi All,

I'm trying to stack two x670v-48x's together using two 40Gb ports on each of the VIM4-40G4X modules.

How do you tell the switches to use those ports? default config says 47, 48 are the stacking ports but I want them to use 49, 53 on each switch.

I've been through the documentation for 15.3 CLI references but I feel like theres a command missing allowing me to change the specified ports?

When on the CLI and type in "conf stacking-support stack-ports 1" and then tab for next commands it states the next commands should be to
"selection Select physical port to be used as the stack port" however it doesnt let me put in a physical port?!?!?

It just allows me to type "selection" and then either "native" or "alternate"

Any help/ideas is appreciated.

Ian (from Ian_Broadway)

3 replies

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Create Date: Apr 26 2013 11:00AM

Hey Boarders

if you go to the extreme web site go under support then hardware guides and you will see the summit then summit HW installation guide.

that should explain and show the stacking.

p (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Apr 26 2013 2:47PM

Yeah I've got it working now. It does help to do a bit of reading. I'm curious though. Where does the 160 part of V160 come into this?

I've stacked the two x670v's using two of the ports on the VIM4 but ofcourse it blocks one of the links when in a ring. so this surely means 80Gbps?

or is it that it means 160 in the sense of resiliency? (from Ian_Broadway)
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Create Date: Apr 28 2013 12:18PM

Hey Broaders

the blocking of the stacking ports is only for broadcast, multicast and unknown packets. All unicast traffic are forwarded over any link based on a shortest path algorithm.

hope that helps.

p (from Paul_Russo)