V400 RMA'd: Any replacement procedure?

  • 17 June 2020
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Hi guys,

I have a customer running a pair of X690 as CBs (MLAG) to 4 V400 (slots 100 to 103) (exos

Unfortunately one of these V400 simply died (no power on anymore) and it was RMA'd to Extreme.

Is there any procedure to replace the faulty slot 102 V400 by the new one? I don't want to connect it and create a "new slot 104", but simply replace it as "slot 103" just like we usually do with stacked switches.

By the way, the V400s are connected to partitioned ports on both X690, and were deployed using the partial automation method and I haven't issued the "disable vpex auto-configuration" (so it's on since the deployment).

Any considerations???


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on the CB the following thing should be configured:
configure vpex ports port_list slot slot_num

If this is the case I would assume that a simple replacement of the broken V400 should do the trick and the new V400 receives the slot-number that is configured.