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Virtual EXOS

  • 13 August 2014
  • 7 replies

Please I will like someone who has configured 3 or more EXOS switches in Virtualbox to tell me how to do this because I am trying so that I can practice but I cannot. I have looked at the youtube video of ExtremeXOS VM-How to video but I still cannot connect 2 or more switches together. I will like to use these in gns3 to bring in routers. I will really appreciate your input..

Thank you.

7 replies

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Hi, You can easily connect EXOS VM with VirtualBox. From the VB panel, right-click on a VM and choose Configuration. Then in Network you will see your interfaces. The first one is the Mgmt port. The second one is port 1, and so on. I’d recommend to set interface 1 as host private network, to reach it with any terminal (you need to set a network in the VB option). The data ports need to be configured as internal network. You have to specify a name for the link. By setting it with a common name with another interface you create a virtual link. This is how you can link VM together.
Thank you but I will like to use these in gns3 as well, not just in VB only.

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you could use it in GNS3 as well. There is virtual box option present on gns3 which could open active virtual session.
Hi I tried importing the VB in GNS3 but, could not connect it with any other virtual device (router/switch). It would just not ping any interface neither peer nor self.

pls. help.
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Here is a hint I was just reminded of this, if you are using ESXi, and are having problems getting
VMs to commuicate, set your security setting as below

Here my setting on VB and GNS 3 (Mac OS) :

I hope this setting can work for you.

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If you are setting up EXOS-VM in GNS3 under QEMU, select the Realtek 8139 adapter