Virtual Summit Switches limitations

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Hello, everybody!

I have set up an virtual environment of 11 switches to test MLAG and VRRP before implementing in real customer's infrastructure. (Everything was taken from I use 16.1.x EXOS.

Where can I find information about limitations of these virtual switches? I try to make stacking between two switches and get: "Error: This method is not supported on this platform".

May be there are some other limitations?

Could anybody help me?

Many thanks in advance,


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What platforms are you trying to stack?
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You can't choose what platform you can use therefore you cant stack them together. The VE is used just for EXOS access not necessarily the physical hardware. However, the only difference between a stack and a standalone switch is the port layout. This means the behaviors should be the same.
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Hi Ilya,
Virtual EXOS doesn’t support anything that requires a hardware packet processor. This means that IPFIX, VxLAN, MPLS, VPLS, Policy, etc. won’t work. You can configure them, but the data plane won’t work. MLAG, EAPS, and VRRP, however, I believe will work fine.

As Patrick mentioned, the Virtual EXOS platform is not able to be "stacked."
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Thank you, now it's clear.
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LAG is limited as well. LACP is supported but there is support for anything other than the round-robin based load sharing algorithm.