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We are having 100 Nos of Extreme switches having vlan configuration, same vlan at the same time push to all switches and operating system used two OS, Extremeware and ExOS..I had configured Vlan in the Core level switch, and that changes should replicate at edge switches. This same Conceptual, i had done it on Cisco switches. I had configured VTP concepts earlier.I want to know that how to configure or enable VTP concept in Extreme switches.I had worked with Extreme Switches model bd8800, distribution switch model 8806,and edge level switches summit 400-48t,24t and x440,x450 switches.

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I am not aware of anything similar to VTP on Extreme.

I think your best best would be a NetSight Script to create the vlan and add it to the appropriate ports.

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I've found this...

You'd need to read thru the user manual for more information about the function.
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into Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP)