VLAN Rate limiting on Black Diamond X8

Hi community,

we have BlackDiamond X8 Firmware
how best to configure rate limiting with max 5Gbps (10Gbps available) at a dedicated VLAN for Backup-Traffic ?
Would you recommend to configure "meter" plus "acl" ingress to VLAN ?
Any working examples ?

Could something like this work fine:

create meter Backup-limit
configure meter Backup-limit committed-rate 5 Gbps out-actions drop
create access-list BackupTraffic-ACL "" "meter Backup-limit" (with "" all incoming traffic matches)
configure access-list add BackupTraffic-ACL vlan Backup-VLAN ingress

Thank you.

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Hi Marcus,

The configuration that you have provided to configure rate-limit is correct.
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Hi Marcus,

Your configuration is correct as Naresh said.
But you should make sure that match condition only contains backup traffic or management traffic(stp, eaps, ospf...) could be also dropped in congestion state.
I don't know if you can do but I would rather choose rate-limiting on egress port so the switch uses egress buffer.
With egress buffer, management traffic in QP8 could be delivered without being dropped in congestion state.
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i totally agree with Roy here applying this on egress buffer rather than on ingress one... Because as far as i am concerned this functionality Is not available in EXOS for ingress limiting. For example, if any incoming packet coming on any physical port or VLAN is larger than any particular size say 500 bytes then it should be dropped on ingress port/VLAN. Hence it might not be possible to rate-limit on ingress port/VLAN based on the packet size.

The below article clearly says the above concept. Please refer the same for more information:
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Hi Marcus,

Please find below working example to configure rate limiting,

1. Create meter “create meter

2. Configure meter

3. Create policy-file

4. Bind the policy file on each port for which you wish to configure limiting.

* X440G2-48t-10G4.1 # create meter testmeter

* X440G2-48t-10G4.2 # configure meter "testmeter" committed-rate 5 Gbps out-actions drop

* X440G2-48t-10G4.3 # vi testratelimit.pol

egrep: testratelimit.pol: No such file or directory

entry Rareingress {

if {

source-address x.x.x.x/x;


then {

meter testmeter;



X440G2-48t-10G4.4 # check policy testratelimit

Policy file check successful.

* X440G2-48t-10G4.5 # configure access-list testratelimit ports 1 ingress