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VLAN Tag Translation

  • 7 January 2014
  • 3 replies

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Create Date: Jan 11 2013 8:53PM

I need to join two networks with potentially conflicting VLAN tags. I need a way to translate tags/vlan IDs between two GE ports. I could use a pfSense box to do this:


I'd rather keep it purple though. It all boils down to rewriting the VLAN tags of packets in transit between different ports. Can I use XOS on my X350/440/460s to do this? Perhaps using ip forwarding between different vlans assigned to different ports? Then again, the name implies that wont operate on L2 protocols... (from Chris_Burri)

3 replies

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Create Date: Jan 12 2013 5:10PM

Hi Chris,Take a look in the concepts guide and look for VLAN translation. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)
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Create Date: Jan 14 2013 6:17PM

Thanks for the pointer.

If I understand correctly, then the Limitation "Within the same VR, VLAN tag duplication is not allowed" asserts that no two VLANs with an identical tag may exist within a single VR.

I conclude that therefore I wont be able to remap colliding vlan tags? (from Chris_Burri)
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Create Date: Jan 15 2013 6:58AM

Also, does a loopback port consume an actual physical interface?

configure v1000 vlan-translation add member-vlan v102 loopback-port 1:23 (from Chris_Burri)