Vlan translation in MLAG switches

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Hi everybody.

I'd like to translate one VLAN tags to another. For instance, I have the similar scheme.

Is that configuration enough? And what VLANs (401-413 or 71-83) I should add to ISC link between x670 switches?

First and second x670

enable mlag port 45 peer "x670" id 45
enable mlag port 46 peer "x670" id 46

create vlan v401 tag 401
config vlan v401 add tagged 46
create vlan v402 tag 402
config vlan v402 add tagged 46

create vlan v71 tag 71
config vlan v71 add tagged 45
config vlan v71 vlan-translation add member-vlan 401

create vlan v72 tag 72
config vlan v72 add tagged 45
config vlan v72 vlan-translation add member-vlan 402

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