VPLS layer 3 ?

Good morning everyone, I am a beginner in mpls and I have some doubts.

I need to create a VPLS with ip / 30 on each side, which would be the best way?

when configuring the IP on a vlan, it is not possible to configure the VPLS service.

what is the best way to do this?

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There is configuration example in concepts guide.
you need to have ospf for IGP.
Then MPLS enabled .
Add VPLS service vlans.
hello, I mpls working perfectly (when using vlan in layer 2).

When configuring IP on a vlan that as the VPLS service got the following error:

* X480-IXX enable ipforwarding vlan-3
Error: vlan VLAN-3 is enabled for VPLS!

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I´ve gone through the same issue here. We need to have 2 remote switches, running VRRP over a VPLS service. I can't transport the VLAN between these 2 switches through trunk ports, the only way to accomplish this is by using MPLS/VPLS. These 2 switches must have L3 access to the IPv4 table.
Is there any solution without an external equipment?
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The VPLS service vlan cannot have ipforwarding enabled. The GW function should then be on a separate device. Consider your mpls switches as PE/P and let the CE act as L3 GW. I never tried an external loopback interface to recirculate the packet. Not sure if this would work. No issue to run an IGP between the mpls switches, using /30 or /31 subnet.
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Then you confirm that an external device is needed to have a routed/managed VPLS? This would be a limitation and other vendor's MPLS switches perform this type of service. This would be important to provide, on the same PE, both L2 (VPLS) and L3 service.

I´ve also seen on the "Exos 15.7 User Guide" an statement that says "Forward between normal VLAN/VMAN and Openflow pseudowires using standard Ethernet..." (page 1467). Would it be possible to have a VLAN with IPForwarding to an openflow pseudowire?

Would there be any possibility to have this running also on a PWE3 with selective VMAN?

This is a real need on our network, and we can't have an external device to perform this function.