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VRRP fabric routing, secondary IPs and IPv6?

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Now that fabric routing has caught my attention, I have a couple of questions (for 16.2+, I don't think I can run 21+ on my BD8806)

1) Does it work with secondary IP addresses (config snippet below)?
configure vlan FOO ipaddress
configure vlan FOO add secondary ipaddress
create vrrp vlan FOO vrid 1
configure vrrp vlan FOO vrid 1 add
configure vrrp vlan FOO vrid 1 add
[/code]2) Does it work with IPv6 addresses?

3) The examples show fabric routing setup with different priorities for the two routers/switches involved. What's the advantage of doing that? Is it just to define the master for direct pings?

Thank you (and Happy New Year!)


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I don't see any reason why a secondary IPv4 or IPv6 wouldn't work. Different priorities just forces the master to be on one or the other instead of relying on the IP's. As a FYI the VRRP master is still responsible for answering all ARPs.

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Hi Frank,

Yes, my customers use the secondary IP address and IPv6 in VRRP without any problem.