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VRRP stuck Init sharing LACP

Hi guys,

VRRP stuck init if configuring the sharing port LACP. I tried disable sharing lacp, VRRP to be master. I have done 4 time update version extreme, why LACP issue VRRP init.

SysName: X650-24x
Current State: OPERATIONAL
Image Selected: primary
Image Booted: primary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:
primary.cfg Created by ExtremeXOS version

Please your recommendation for this case 😞



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VRRP will be in init state when the corresponding VLAN does not have any active ports in it or if VRRP is globally disabled.

The fact that you are getting this issue only when LACP is configured indicates that the LACP ports have not become part of the sharing group.

Till the ports are added to the aggregator, the port will not be active in VLAN. Hence VRRP will be in INIT state.

Slot-1 X460-G2.4 # sh sharing
Load Sharing Monitor
Config Current Agg Min Ld Share Ld Share Agg Link Link Up
Master Master Control Active Algorithm Group Mbr State Transitions
1:1 LACP 1 L2 1:1 - A 2

show vlan v1

Ports: 2. (Number of active ports=0)
Untag: 1:1g

So, we need to troubleshoot why LACP is not becoming active.
Do you have LACP configured in the connected device?


Hope the above article helps you to troubleshoot the LACP issue. Please let us know if we can help!
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A lot of people are confused about high availability on Layer 3 (i.e First hop routing protocol, e.g. VRRP) and layer 2 (LACP, LAG, Cisco Etherchannel, Cisco PAgP, etc).

When you run VRRP over routers (Layer 3), you cannot have LACP over 2 different devices. You will either need to have the layer 3 switch to be stackable or if you use ExtremeXOS, you have to use MLAG. With that, you will not need VRRP, as MLAG High availability is much faster.

You can also use MLAG for active-active VRRP. https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/active_active_vrrp_with_mlag

If you have no control on your FHRP to your next router hop, and VRRP is the only option, then you may have to seriously consider ECMP (Equal cost multi-path routing), to load share your traffic between your VRRP. Or you could use mutli-VRRP (mVRRP) to load share your traffic with different VLANs.