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VXLAN LAB / Multicast / VRRP General Question

  • 22 January 2019
  • 5 replies

Hey Folks,

we testing S4 / SSA and X670-G2 and X690 in a VXLAN environment.
We set up a VRRP between the S4 and SSA Chassis and it works fine. On the other hand, the VRRP instance with MLAG between a X690 and X670-G2 doesn't seems to be working. We have two Master. I guess due to the unsupported Mulicast in an VXLAN environment.
Does anybody have a suggestion for a workaround or tested this?

XOS runnning

Thanks for your replies


5 replies

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Hi Andre

Would it be possible to give us a basic network diagram of what exactly you are trying to buiild?

I have played around with VXLAN with RIOT (Routing in and out of Tunnel) on both the S series and x670/690 and both work well.
With both platforms I tested advertising VXLAN vir OSPF, using VRRP between the VXLAN VTEPS with fabric routing (Active gateway on both switches) and host based routing.


Hi Andre,
we built the following scenario in our Lab.
We are using OSPF VxLAN extention for the underlay. No there is no need to configure remote VTEPs.
VLAN 10 and 30 are User VLANs für Clients. Both MLAG Peers are configured for VRRP in VLAN 10. Both EOS configured in VLAN 30 for VRRP and working (masker/backup). We facing a problem with the VRRP on the XOS Switches. We have two master there (no Fabric routing configured).


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Do you have a dedicated ISC L2 link as well (between EXOS switches)? Multicast _is_ supported across VXLAN, it's forwarded (at L2) using ingress replication.

However, you do not have RIOT support on the x670G2.
We encountered a bug with vrrp/mlag and vxlan in XOS 22.4 to 22.6. It is under investigation by Extreme GTAC.

We got a reply from GTAC:
1- With MLAG and VxLan VRRP must be active/active --> This will be added to the user guide
1- The VRRP VIP cannot be pinged from a VxLan client --> bug CR xos0074451
2- Ping does not work when routing over VxLan. --> bug CR xos0074452

Kind Regards,