VXLan Support on x460-G2

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Hi Community

I thought I would drop the question here before asking an official question to GTAC.

Why do we not have VXLan support on the x460-g2 ?
The x460-g2 supports MPLS/L2VPN/VPLS ect
Surely the switch has enough horse power to support VXlan.

A client of ours went with another Vendor solution that supported VXLan on the same level of switch than the x460-g2 (Not to put names down - 2930F/2930M)


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Hello Andre,

At now, only x670-G2 and higher support VXLAN feature.
The hardware limit is the one of reasons that makes x460-G2 not support VXLAN (This is my guess).

Hope you could get other better explanation from the Hub or our local sale team.

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