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Wake on LAN accross multiple routers

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Create Date: Dec 5 2013 3:45PM

I have a server that needs to wake devices. I saw the "ipforwarding broadcast " command, but the VLANs the target devices are in are spread across an enterprise network and do not exist on the same router.

I need more of a "ipforwarding broadcast [i]" type of command to send the WOL packet to remote buildings across many routed networks.

(from Mightyotis)

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Create Date: Dec 5 2013 4:55PM

Hey Mightyotis

There are really two ways to get this to work. The first way is to use UDP forwarding where you have the switch grab the UDP broadcast packet and then forward it on to the server. This can be a little complex to setup.

The second way was done at another customer where they just had the WOL server respond to port 67 and added the server to their bootp server list. The switch sees it and sends it to the WOL server. They mentioned that this works pretty well and was easy.

Hope this helps.

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Dec 5 2013 5:36PM

I might not have stated the problem correctly.

I have a single WOL device needs to wake up sleeping VDI terminals where there are multiple terminals on multiple VLANs spread across multiple routers (so the "vlan" part becomes a challenge in the "ipforwarding broadcast " command.

If I configure the WOL device to send UDP packets using port 67 and then set my bootprelay address to (on the network)would this then broadcast the WOL packet on the target VLAN????

(from Mightyotis)
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Create Date: Dec 6 2013 9:30PM

Hello Mightyotis

Here's the answer to your question. Let me know if there is anything else.

If the server and the Wake On LAN(WOL) clients are located in the same broadcast domain then we didnt need to configure anything even though the clients and server were deployed across several buildings.

If the server and Wake On LAN(WOL) clients are located in different subnets, then we need to enable "enable ipforwarding broadcast " only on the gateway of those networks.

For example

server---------------- |L3 Gateway-1|---------------------|L3 Gateway-2|-----------------------|L3 Gateway-3|

| | |

In the above topology when the server has WOL clients located on subnet, then we need to enable "enable ipf forwarding broadcast " only on L3-Gateway-3.

(from Paul_Russo)
I'm facing a similar situation, and this has pointed my in the right direction - thank you! Is there a way to enable the subnet broadcast from only one IP address? For instance, if in the above example, the server is at, can we set up L3-Gateway-3 to only accept/forward the WOL magic packets from