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Hi Experts

What does the given error message mean? It shows up in logs.



An attempt to process an ATG_I3_INET_ADDR_IND has failed due to local
resource shortages or indication that the I3 join has lost some
information for the request
VR = 0x00000005
I3 join index = 1
Data lost flag value = 1
Local resource ret code = 0

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Hi Sumanta,

What EXOS version are you running?
This can caused by a buffer issue when you have lots of iBGP peers that send updates and exceed the maximum number of routes per message.
As far as I can see that should not really impact the normal traffic.
Hardware is X770 and OS is

There are hardly 30 BGP peers, spread cross in three VRs.
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Then I suggest that you open a case for this. The issue reported should be investigated more thoroughly than what is possible on this forum.
Hi Ron

Thanks, I have also noticed the below behavior during redundancy testing.

When Switch A reboots, traffic fails over to switch B. When Switch A recovers, after the reboot, all the i-BGP sessions drop and then re-establish on Switch B, causing communication loss for 2-5 minutes. When Switch B reboots, traffic fails over to switch A. When Switch B recovers after reboot, all the i-BGP sessions on switch A drop then re-establish on Switch A.

This happens every single time.