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Ways to view the license key been configured for exisiting switches

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jan 15 2013 2:09PM

Hi Guru,

I need some one to advice me as in whether there are ways for me to view the core or ssh license key which previously been configured for the exisitng switch unit which been deployed some time back.

Reason because we had ordered 100~200 extreme summit switches and not all the switches were being activated with the license keys previously been given. Now then, we wanted to activate some of the switches with core or ssh license and been prompted that the particular license key was actually been used.

I m wondering whether there is a way whereby I can check it out myself or I need to go thru' Extreme via raising TAC case to Extreme support. Please advice.

Thank you and regards,
Dennis neo (from Dennis_Neo)

3 replies

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Create Date: Jan 16 2013 1:56PM

Hey Dennis

The command to see if a license has been installed is show license. It will give the output below
show licenses
Output from this command looks similar to the following:
BD-10808.4 # show licenses
Enabled License Level:
Enabled Feature Packs:
On a SummitStack, the output from this command looks similar to the following:
Slot-3 Stack.12 > show licenses
Enabled License Level:
Advanced Edge
Enabled Feature Packs:
Effective License Level:

SSH is a software module not a license so when it is loaded you can do a show process to see if the ssh process is started.

Hope that helps
(from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Jan 18 2013 3:23AM

Dear Prusso,

The command of executing “show license” would not be able to show the license key for the particular switch unit been activated. This command will only indicate whether the switch's license level (for example - either Advance edge or core license) but not the key information like: ssss-zzzzz-yyyyy-uuuuuu-ppppp.

I m just taking over the task of activating the license for the switches. Somehow my previous colleague may have already used up some of the license key in some of the switch which we had purchased without recording down. Thus, when I tried to activate the switch with the license key it prompted me that the license had already been in used or not valid.

That is the reason why I need to know whether there is way to know or retrieve the exact key information. Please advice.

(from Dennis_Neo)
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Create Date: Mar 9 2013 9:41AM

Dennis, TAC should be able to find out those licenses easily if you provide them with the serial numbers. (from ethernet)