What are the parameter limits of BDX8 & X670-G2?

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I need to know the below details for BDX8 and X670-G2:

BlackDiamond X8:
  1. Max. Number of MAC Address per system?
  2. Max. Number of IPv4 unicast routes?
  3. Max. Number of IPv6 unicast routes?
  4. Max. Number of ARP entries?
  5. Max. Number of GRE tunnels?
  6. Max. Number of MSTP instances?
  7. IEEE 802.3x support
  8. IEEE 802.1Qau support
  9. IEEE 802.1Qbg support
  10. VxLAN OVSDB support
  11. EVPN-VxLAN support
  12. EVN/EVPN or Equivalent support
  13. Loop-free alternate (LFA)
  1. Radius functionality over IPv6 for AAA
  2. Graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) for Layer 2 hitless forwarding and Layer 3 protocols on RE failover
  3. Explicit congestion notification (ECN)
  4. IEEE 802.3x: Pause Frames/Flow Control
  5. IPv6 source guard
  6. L2 Feature: MAC notification

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Hi Waqas, you can find those limits in the Release Notes.

You can download the document in the following link:


Note: Just confirm the EXOS version and download it under "ExtremeSwitching – Software => ExtremeXOS"
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Regarding the features support, you can check in the following documents:

ExtremeXOS User Guide: http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/documentation
BDX8 / X670-G2 DataSheet: http://www.extremenetworks.com/products
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Thanks Henrique 🙂