what is exsh in top command output?

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I have many BD switches ( where CPU utilization is continuously high, sometimes even more than 90%.
I found one exsh thing consuming CPU. see below output of top command:
13074 1 root R 1408 0.1 0 46.3 exsh
22571 1 root R 1408 0.1 1 26.8 exsh

What is this exsh and why two entries are there? On few other switches, there is only one entry.

I am now blank on troubleshooting part. Please guide me in understanding the exsh and solution to the problem.


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It's the process used to provide the ssh session. if ssh session is not closed properly then in kernal that process will be up and created new instance of exsh when you open ssh session.
Workaround: You could call the TAC and ask them to kill the exsh process from the shell mode. You need debug password in order to go to the shell mode.
Permanent solution: This is the bug you need to upgrade your device.
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exsh is the EXOS Shell process. exsshd is the EXOS SSH process.
However, as Sumit mentioned, you may want to have TAC kill those two processes or take a look to see what may be causing it to consume so much of the CPU Resources.