what is latest version of XOS ...summitX460 and summit X670

what is latest version of XOS (summitX460-48t) and (summit X670-48t) ... ?
i have , is this a latest version or not...? plz ans

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i have download the Version as a latest Version.
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To answer directly your question, the latest version is 16.1.3, and I believe a new patch should arrive soon. However upgrading to the latest release might not always be the correct way to go. Depending on your network, on the protocols running in it, type of traffic, you may want to look for the recommended release, which _may_ be a different release than the latest possible. Unless you need a specific feature that has just been introduced.
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If you are planning to install in a production environment it's always safer to follow the Release Recommendations, they are updated every few months and recommend on what versions work well with each model
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Also note the Last Supported Version for your particular model.

21.1 is not supported on non-G2 X460s and X670s.