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what is the default VRRP priority value

  • 23 December 2019
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what is the default VRRP priority value

1 reply

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It’s easy enough to find this type of information in the user’s guide:

“VRRP priority—Possible values are 0 through 255. Value 255 is reserved for the VRRP router IP
address owner, and value 0 is reserved for the master router, to indicate it is releasing master
responsibility. Values 1–254 can be configured on backup routers to influence which backup router
becomes the master when the master VRRP router is no longer available. The higher number has
higher priority. The default value for backup routers is 100.

The normal procedure for configuring VRRP on two routers is to have two backups, each with it’s own primary address. (Example: router 1 has IP, router 2 and the VRRP address is The backup with the highest priority will be the one advertising the VRRP IP. Another way (not commonly used for some reason), is to have one primary router that holds the VRRP address and only that. The backup then has an alternate address and may take over the VRRP IP if the primary router fails. This only consumes two IP addresses instead of three for a “normal” VRRP setup.

Router 1 (primary):

Router 2:, may “take” also if the primary router is absent.