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What is the difference between RSTP and rate limit on switch port

Implemented rate limit and RSTP solution to protect network from loop but it didnt help

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You need to turn on edge safeguard, or admin edge depending on the variety of switch and OS.
This is good to apply to edge ports (non-uplink).

configure stpd s0 ports link-type edge 1:1-48 edge-safeguard enable bpdu-restrict
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RSTP is a layer 2 redundancy protocol used to block redundant links (preventing a loop), and rate-limit is a switch functionality to limit the amount of traffic that can be transmitted. They aren't really directly comparable, although they can both impact the presence of a loop and the switches behavior during a loop.

Like Jeremy mentioned earlier, if you want to use RSTP to prevent loops on edge ports, you would need to use edge-safeguard/bpdu-restrict (or another comparable STP extension feature on other platforms).