What is the equivalent of sub interface cisco command in extreme x250?

What is the equivalent of sub interface cisco command in extreme x250?

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I assume you are asking similar to router on a stick configuration.

here in Exos we just configure interfaces as tagged or untagged for specific vlans.

We create vlans and assign ip address to them.

Create vlan vlan10
config vlan10 tag 10
config vlan10 ipaddress
config vlan10 add ports 1-10 untagged.
config vlan10 add ports 48 tagged--------------assuming this is the uplink port.
enable ipforwarding

now we can add more vlans

Create vlan vlan20
config vlan20 tag 20
config vlan20 ipaddress
config vlan20 add ports 11-20 untagged.
config vlan20 add ports 48 tagged---------------assuming this is the uplink port.

prior to all we should do the below command
config default delete ports all ---removes all ports from default vlan.
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Thnaks for your detailed reply...

Since the below post which cammand is equalend to subbinterface cammand if we campare to cisco configaration
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There is no sub interface command in extreme We only create multiple vlans and add ipaddress
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As Parthiban said, Extreme doesn't use sub interfaces. The closest equivalent would be adding the port to the vlan tagged.

The statements "config vlan10 add ports 48 tagged" and "config vlan20 add ports 48 tagged" would cause port 48 to behave the same as a Cisco port using the sub interface command, sending traffic belonging to vlan 10 and 20 on port 48 as tagged frames. The IP address and tag information are defined under the vlan configuration in Extreme, not the interface, as you can see in Parthiban's example above.