What is the minimum PSU requirement for BD8810 with total of 7 slot occupied

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Hi all,
I am planning to use BD8810 in our network and I could not decide "What is the minimum PSU requirement for BD8810" where as only 7 slot will be used in phase 1 including 2 MSM. I guess 6 PSU is for full load.

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The "show power budget" command would let you know the Black Diamond chassis power redundancy requirements.
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It will depend on which I/O cards inserted on it.
Can you specify all of them? Are you going to use PoE also?
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Hi Tayzar,

To add on, there are few different power rated PSU's available for the chassis.

So it would all depend on the PSU rating you are using in the chassis. As my colleague has provided a command in the previous update, it would help you determine the power used and available power in redundancy.

There are quite a few caveats you need to consider on this and the Extreme Networks BlackDiamond 8800 Series Switch Hardware Installation Guide gives you good insight into you request.


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Hi Tayzar,

As suggested by my colleagues, we could determine how much power each module requires could be checked using "show power budget". A sample snapshot:-

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The above command is great if you already have a BD8K.
But if you don't have it now, you can calculate it with the power specification on data sheet.
Also I have a excel file to calculate the number of PSU needed for your installation with/without PSU redundancy.
If you think it can be helpful, leave a email address and I will send it to you.
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Thanks all for your helpful replies. Actually the device is not in hand yet. I am creating BOM and curios about how many PSU to order. No PoE will be used. I just want to know what is the minimum required PSU to run BD8810. Now I think I could estimate it.
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Please find below the link to let you know the minimum requirements for PSU related to BD series:

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Tayzar we hope you got the response which you were looking for. If so then let us close this Hub thread.

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